Course Teachers

Patrick Jones - Course author

Alizi Alias

Dr. Alias was the former assistant professor at the Department of Psychology, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), where he taught courses on Psychology from an Islamic perspective. He obtained his double degrees in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and in Psychology from IIUM, a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from University of Surrey, and a doctoral degree from University Kebangsaan Malaysia. Dr. Alias has published several academic papers on the integration of secular psychology and Islamic psychology, and the development of Islamic Psychology curriculum in higher education, including authoring several chapters in the book ‘Psychology from an Islamic perspective: A guide to teaching and learning’ (2009). Dr Alizi is the Head of Islamic Psychology at Spring Foundation.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Abdullah Hasan

Sh. A. Hasan graduated with an Imam Diploma, BA and Ijaza Aliyah in Islamic Studies [Theology & Islamic Law, taught completely in Arabic] from a European Islamic seminary. He holds a diploma in Arabic from Zarqa Private University (Jordan), studied at the faculty of fiqh wa usuluhu (Jurisprudence and its principles) at the same university while receiving training in various disciplines privately with some of the leading Scholars of Jordan and the Middle East.
He trained as a counsellor, certificate and diploma in person centred psychotherapy, marriage and youth counselling, SFBT psychotherapy, and has been providing private individual, couple and family therapy for the last ten years. He also studied Masters’s degree (MSc) in applied psychology and currently undertaking a doctorate in the same area. In addition, he is a specialist in Zakat and Islamic philanthropic studies. He served, as an Imam, in several Muslim communities in the UK. Sh. A. Hasan has an enormous interest and passion for community and people development. He has over 10 years of management, leadership and training experience within the third sector.
Currently, he is a teacher of Islamic psychology and counselling and Consultant Psychologist at Gift Foundation, and Resident Scholar at Darul Ihsan, and provides Chaplaincy counselling from various mosques in London, UK.
He is the founder of Imams Against Domestic Abuse (IADA), British Imams, Scholars Contributions and Achievements (BISCA Awards), British Institutes, Mosques and Associations (BIMA Awards), member, The Association of Islamic Mental-Health Specialists (AIMS), and various other community organisations and projects.
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