Residential 2024

The Tartil Residential is a spiritually uplifting Qur'anic Family Residential retreat nestled in the beautiful countryside of Leicester.
Catering to people of all ages, whether you're a young child, an energetic youth, or a wise elder.

You'll love our relaxed classes that foster a love for learning, with a wide range of engaging activities and sports for children and young adults. Experience the tranquillity of nightly Qiam and enjoy the safe and supportive environment that encourages personal growth and connection.
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What we offer

Tartil Residential

Join our vibrant community at Tartil Residential, where we specialize in providing a safe, relaxed, and family-oriented environment centered around the Qur'an.

With offerings designed to cater to all age groups, we have something for everyone in the family, ensuring a delightful experience with all the necessary facilities at your disposal.
  • Catered towards all ages
  • Safe & Relaxed Environment
  • Community & Family-oriented 
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Indulge in a serene spiritual retreat at Tartil Residential, where families can escape the daily chaos and reconnect in a safe and relaxed environment. With tailored activities for all ages and a special emphasis on the Quran, parents can engage in enlightening discussions while children enjoy fun and educational programs.

Disconnect from the noise of everyday life and embrace a meaningful experience that fosters spiritual growth and strengthens family bonds. Join us for a memorable getaway that nourishes the soul.
  • Prayer and Mosque facilities
  • Activities & Sports
  • In the Serene Countryside

What do our previous students say?

I just wanted to express our family's heartfelt gratitude for everything that you both do for us all. We felt loved and cared for not to mention we learned so much.

All of the kids have expressed how they felt noticed and encouraged as individuals. InshaAllah next year I can contribute more to ease the load on you.

Dr Raihana Nasreen 

Tartil is like a detox for our whole family in many ways. It is detoxing from attachment to the dunyia and focusing on simplicity.
It is an opportunity to disconnect in order to reconnect to what matters most.

The Suhba was great for every age group and children were free to roam around in a large natural environment.
They learnt to be independent and find purpose. We are very grateful for the opportunity to attend this retreat and hope to be back every year inshaaAllah.

Ustadha Rafea Khan

A big Jazakallahu khairun to Sheikh and Sheikha for all your hard work.

I was amazed with the hospitality, organisation and the welcoming. Every single person was given importance from young to adult, this I have not experienced in any other events.

May Allah reward you abundantly for giving us a unique and beneficial experience. Insha Allah I hope to come again next year.

Fareha Khan 

JazakAllah Khairan for everything, may Allah (swt) reward you all for all the efforts, ameen, we have really enjoyed our time out from Duniya, inshaAllah see you all next year.

Jahera Choudhury

It was truly amazing to be amongst everyone and all the lovely children too.

 JazzakAllah Khair everyone, including the Chefs and the cleaners / May Allah (swt) bless Beacon and the Sheikhs' and Sheikhas' and their families. Ameen.

Halima Maas

The course was a fantastic experience which enabled us to delve not only into the Quranic Science of tajweed but also how this can help us both spiritual/mentally and physically.

The unity and sisterhood amongst such diversities was inspiring.

Maryam Ahmed Abdullah

Sometimes when you’re stuck in the same routine day in day out for years you don’t realise that you’ve been sucked into the dunya and I truly realised just how far away from God I am by going there and being submersed in entire day activities that were just Qur'an focused.

At the same time it was so relaxed and being in an environment closed off to the rest of the world and having our own little masjid, being able to go and pray in jamaat for every prayer and pray qiyam at night, really brought me closer to Allah than I have felt in years.

Taheera Akhtar

When a group of believers come together like this, the glorious feeling cannot be explained. An enormous Jazakallah to the shuyookh - Sheikh Fahim, Sheikha Selina, Sheikh Adil and Sheikha Nacira - for keeping the residential in order. No doubt you all worked and worried day and night just so Tartil could progress forward.

To all the amazing teachers who tried their best to help us all, from the youngest of us to the eldest, achieve something this year.
To all the parents who, despite the care and time we received, still looked out for us and Tartil is never the same without you all.
To all my fellow students, both primary and secondary, who put effort into their learning, and without whom this residential would not be truly family-based. Our work, play and social interactions - all of them contributed to the atmosphere of Tartil. We each brought our own barakah to the gathering.
I hope to see you all again next year.

Suhaib Ahmad

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